School Forum

for Staff & Faculty


School Staff Forums are specifically tailored in consideration to your responsibility as an educator and care-taker of your student body. Messaging is focused on alert strategies, prevention measures , bullying and drills. Faculty Forums also include interactive epinephrine injector training and scenarios.


School Forum

for Students


Student Forums are specifically designed to grade groups:
JK & SK, Grades 1-3 and Grades 4-6 will, respectively, get youth focused messaging consisting of recognizable cartoons with allergy specific messaging and/or a “story-time” with key messaging on what allergies are, how to protect yourself and the people around you. Students also receive interactive epinephrine injector training and scenarios where volunteers are taught in front of their peers, how to use these epinephrine injectors properly and effectively.

Grades 7 through 12 will get adult messaging, similar to the forum that is communicated to the school’s faculty which also includes interactive epinephrine injector training and scenarios.


Food Service Forum

Specific-To-Your-Menu for both your Front & Back of House


FATE will design Restaurant, Food Service and Food Producers Forums with your existing menus and/or specific restaurant policies and procedures in consideration and also include interactive epinephrine injector training and scenarios.

Being in the industry for nearly 15 years and having extensive experience in both front of house operations and back of house procedures, including corporate, independent, as well as hotel & banquet, allows Joey to lead these forums with a specific passion and line of approach – being effective about the messaging while allowing thoughtful consideration to your own policies, procedures and business operations.

Optionally, a private and confidential initial audit of your establishment prior to the forum can be conducted to further tailor your Forum.


Flight Forum

Designed Specifically for Airline Staff & Attendants


The FATE ‘Flight Forum’ focuses on dealing with anaphylaxis in the air. It is designed with, and accompanied by former & working flight attendants to allow a first hand approach to these situations should they arise and will work with your existing first-aid and responsive training to administer the correct care until the aircraft is able to land.


Public Care Forum

For Individuals with Public Care Responsibilities


Public care facilities and individuals can include a multitude of positions including but not limited to security guard and police services, first-responders, paramedics working events & film sets as well as in the field, babysitters and caregivers, camp counselors and volunteers just to name a few. Each receive forums specifically and individually designed to suit the needs and accessibility of the respective individuals involved.


Private Forum

In-Home, Community & Intimate Group Settings


Parents, relatives, cousins, neighbours, even perfect strangers. Everyone will benefit from a FATE Forum. We can and will provide forums for anyone that asks. Because at the end of the day, knowledge is power and what you learn from any forums from FATE, can save someone’s life.