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F.A.T.E is a non-profit organization dedicated to training and educating individuals on life-saving practices in situations relating to food borne allergies. As a definitive source for this training, F.A.T.E is transforming into the preeminent platform for food allergy education for all industries.

Although our organization was founded on the happenings of a tragedy, it became apparent to us that there wasn’t enough knowledge to protect those with allergies, and not enough preparation for the people around those with allergies.

So, here we are. Call it FATE.

Media Coverage

Press Play - CP24 News Coverage

Toronto's Breaking News, CP24 has invited me onto the Saturday Noon Hour segment to speak about my sister's death caused by anaphylaxis and the initiative we started as a family to prevent this from happening to anyone else.

This report aired LIVE on Saturday September 22, 2018

Press Play - FATE: A Special Independent Report

Just a little over a week after I started a dialogue with The Lead Representative for Food Safety at Whole Foods Global Headquarters, a week later, it came to my attention that changes have been made. While I commend Whole Foods for their quick actions, I’m frustrated it took a fatality for changes to be made - the work doesn't stop here.

Press Play - CTV News Coverage

This September 12th newscast from CTV News allowed our voices to be amplified. We couldn't be more grateful to Tracy Tong and the news team for giving us the opportunity to share the story of my sister Joanna and her fatal accident to raise concern about the need for more awareness in food production, labeling & retail distribution, especially at Whole Foods Market. This story originally aired for CTV Toronto and has since been picked up by other provinces for broadcast in their local CTV newscasts.

Press Play - Let’s Eat Radio Show: Talking Food Allergies from Ground Zero

My friend, Toronto restauranteur, entrepreneur and iHeartRadio Canada host, Zane Caplansky invited me on his radio show, "Let's Eat with Zane Caplansky" to share the story of my sister, Joanna - her tragic death from anaphylaxis caused by accidental ingestion of a dessert from Whole Foods Market that was made from cashew milk.

Press Play - CTV Morning Live, Regina SK

CTV Morning Live in Regina, SK was kind enough to invite me in to talk about FATE.

This report aired LIVE on Wednesday October 24, 2018